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Book Declutter – Unhauling so many books!

     Oh so many books I’ve unhauled! I know I did a book unhaul back in January but it seems a mid year declutter is essential for me too because I just have so many books and so little space to keep them all.

     Generally when I finish a book I know if it’s one I want to keep (either to reread myself, lend out to people or just because I feel strongly about the book even if I don’t plan on rereading it) or if it’s one I don’t need to keep (because maybe I just didn’t like it or I did like it but don’t feel the need to keep it as I won’t reread it).

     When I finish books, I typically keep them in a stack until the end of the month so I can take a picture of my monthly reads and then decide if it’s a keep or unhaul by putting it back on my shelves or putting it in the declutter box. This is a box that sits in the ensuite bathroom of the spare bedroom (you know, the obvious place to store your books), with the intention that I’ll eventually get around to bringing them into a charity shop which so far as not happened since the pandemic started.

    Now I did send someone a few books from the last unhaul in January but only a few so a couple of these books leftover from that unhaul. A lot are just since January though. I’ve read quite a bit and bought a lot of books this year requiring me to make space on my shelves!

     I was thankfully able to rehome a good chunk of these books though which felt great. I contacted someone in a discord group I’m in who happens to live in Ireland and was able to send her something like 7 or 8 books, and I got in contact with someone else in an Instagram group chat who I was able to send another 6 or so books. But the unhaul box is still pretty full!

     I did intent on bringing them to a second hand book shop that buys books from people but I forgot to bring them to Cork that day so…yeah, the unhaul box survives once more!

     Question for everyone, how often do you unhaul books and how do you unhaul them? Do you hand them into a charity shop, pass them on to people or try sell them? I just like giving them to people for free really, like in the cases above all I asked for was the cost of posting the books. Also, what do you think of my unhaul? I’ve not talked about the actual books themselves because there are so many of them but have you read any of the books in the photos?

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