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Book Declutter – Unhauling so many books!

     Oh so many books I've unhauled! I know I did a book unhaul back in January but it seems a mid year declutter is essential for me too because I just have so many books and so little space to keep them all.      Generally when I finish a book I know… Continue reading Book Declutter – Unhauling so many books!

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2022 Book Unhaul

     Hello everyone, how's it going? Hope you're doing well. So, instead of a book haul today I've got the opposite - a book unhaul! I like to do a book unhaul at the start of the year to clear up some space on my bookshelves and rehome the books I don't plan on… Continue reading 2022 Book Unhaul

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First Book Declutter of the Year

     Well, well, well, look what we have here - it's my first book declutter of the year but also the first one on my blog! In the past, long, long before this blog was conceived of I did some pretty impressive book declutters - this isn't one of them. No, this is just… Continue reading First Book Declutter of the Year