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I tidied my bookshelf!

     So I was taking some books off my shelf the other day to get some Instagram shots and before I knew it, I'd made a bit of a mess...so I decided to take everything off of my shelf and rearrange everything!      It took many house...and looks like I didn't actually change… Continue reading I tidied my bookshelf!

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April Book Haul

     What is a surprise to no one at all, I bought more books in April.      With The Book Depository shutting down, I decided to treat myself to the hardback set of The Tea Dragon Society which I haven't been able to find locally. I've read it digitally but I think the… Continue reading April Book Haul


April Reads 2023

      Hello my lovely readers, how's it going for you? How's your reading been lately? Read any 5-star books or bought anything you're excited to pick up soon?      I think my April reading went pretty well - I got a lot of books I really enjoyed read for a total of… Continue reading April Reads 2023

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March Book Buys Part 2

     Right, because I bought so many books in March, here's part two of my March book haul!      To be expected from me this year, I bought more danmei light novels, this time I got The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System volume 2, The Husky and his White Cat Shizun volume 1, and… Continue reading March Book Buys Part 2


March 2023 Books Read

     Hello my lovely readers, how's it going? Do hope you're doing well.      How was your March for in terms of reading? Come across any 5 star reads or make any new book purchases? March was a pretty a good month for my reading as I got quite a number of books… Continue reading March 2023 Books Read

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March Book Buys Pt 1

     Hello my lovely readers, how are things? Hope you're doing well.     So, this was meant to by March book purchases post but you might notice that the title says part 1. Yeah, I was might have gone a little book buying mad at the end of the month and I'm now… Continue reading March Book Buys Pt 1

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Messy Bookshelf Tour 2023

     Hello my lovely readers, how's it going?      Thought I'd take a little break from the what have I been reading and what have I been buying type posts to take a quick look at what I actually own, and the current state of my bookshelves, because why not.      Apologies… Continue reading Messy Bookshelf Tour 2023


February 2023 – Books Read

     Hello my lovely readers, how's it going? Hope you're doing well.      Another month, another stack of books that I've read. And this month I actually have novels I've read, not just comics and manga (although all the danmei novels still have pictures - very lovely artwork spread throughout - so I've… Continue reading February 2023 – Books Read

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Book Declutter – Unhauling so many books!

     Oh so many books I've unhauled! I know I did a book unhaul back in January but it seems a mid year declutter is essential for me too because I just have so many books and so little space to keep them all.      Generally when I finish a book I know… Continue reading Book Declutter – Unhauling so many books!