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I need to continue some of these book series…

     So I was looking at my book shelves recently and considering what I wanted to read when I came to a realisation - I have started a lot of book series and I really need to start continuing them before I start any more because things are getting out of hand!    … Continue reading I need to continue some of these book series…

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February 2021 Book Haul

     Right, I keep saying that I don't need to buy more books until I get more of my shelf read but then sad things happen or my mood is just not great and all I want to do is spend money to make myself feel better...     ...so I have a book… Continue reading February 2021 Book Haul


February 2021 Catch Up

     Hello everyone, how are you doing? I hope you're well. It's time for a monthly wrap up post and I'm both not sure where the month went but also looking back and thinking that I did got a decent amount done in the month. How'd your February go?      I have a… Continue reading February 2021 Catch Up

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Book Thoughts: The Thousand Deaths of Ardor Benn

     Right, after requesting this ARC from Netgalley back in September, starting to read it with the intent of getting the review out for the release date which was sometime in mid October, putting the book down for 4 months when I was at the 30% mark because I was having a but of… Continue reading Book Thoughts: The Thousand Deaths of Ardor Benn

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Tuesday Chats: 16/02/21

    Today's Tuesday post coming to you a little later than normal because I forgot to write this post last night and schedule it but at least it's getting out on a Tuesday nonetheless! I was at the dentist yesterday and feeling sorry for myself afterwards so blogging slipped my mind.      But… Continue reading Tuesday Chats: 16/02/21

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Tuesday Chats: 09/02/21

     Hello everyone, how are you doing?      I'm currently dealing with a chipped tooth and a wait for a Monday dentist appointment which is making me constantly anxious as I've not been to the dentist in about 15 years and going in covid times while the country is still locked down is… Continue reading Tuesday Chats: 09/02/21


Weekend Reading, November 14th 2020

     Okay, so I've seen a few book bloggers do the WWW Wednesday format post from Taking on a World of Words which, as the name suggests, is a post talking about what you're currently reading, what you recently finished and what you might read next that goes out on a Wednesday. I thought… Continue reading Weekend Reading, November 14th 2020

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Fantasy Heists Reading List

     Okay, I know I just posted two days ago about how I wanted to try read more gothic and horror novels in October....but...basically after writing that post I had a real urge to read about some fantasy heists and thievery and now that's all I want to read! I mean, I don't have… Continue reading Fantasy Heists Reading List