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2022 Book Unhaul

     Hello everyone, how's it going? Hope you're doing well. So, instead of a book haul today I've got the opposite - a book unhaul! I like to do a book unhaul at the start of the year to clear up some space on my bookshelves and rehome the books I don't plan on… Continue reading 2022 Book Unhaul


May 2021 Wrap Up

     So...usually Tuesdays are my Tuesday Chats posts where I talk about the things I've read in the last 7 days...good thing a month ended recently though meaning I have a wrap up post to do because I have not read anything in the last week other than a few chapters the Rurouni Kenshin… Continue reading May 2021 Wrap Up

Tuesday Chats

Tuesday Chats: 12/05/21

     Hello everyone, how's it going? How did your weekend go?     I finally finished God of Broken Things by Cameron Johnston last week. It's the second book in The Age of Tyranny duology. I really liked the first book, The Traitor God and while I think God of Broken Things was good,… Continue reading Tuesday Chats: 12/05/21

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Tuesday Chats: 04/05/21

     Hello everyone, how's it going?      This weeks Tuesday Chats post is going to be a pretty short one because I don't have a whole lot of updates to talk about. I've not been in the greatest of headspaces this last week so my motivation for actually doing stuff like reading has… Continue reading Tuesday Chats: 04/05/21


April 2021 Wrap Up

     And April is over...*insert ramblings here about what is time and where it is going*. I have a lot of books to mention in this wrap up post though so lets get to it.      My month started with me finishing up reading The Bone Shard Daughter by Andrea Stewart which I'd… Continue reading April 2021 Wrap Up

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Tuesday Chats: 27/04/21

     Hello lovely people - how are you today?      So I finished reading Hall of Smoke by H.M. Long last week and really liked it. I definitely recommend this if you're looking for a good, epic fantasy story that takes place in a single 400 page book. That's right - it's a… Continue reading Tuesday Chats: 27/04/21

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February 2021 Book Haul

     Right, I keep saying that I don't need to buy more books until I get more of my shelf read but then sad things happen or my mood is just not great and all I want to do is spend money to make myself feel better... I have a book… Continue reading February 2021 Book Haul