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March and April 2022 Book Buys

     It's book haul time! It's been a few months so I have a lot of books I've picked up to show you. Let's just get to it.       So in my March Book Resort box I got The Colours of Death by Patricia Marques and I got The Ladies of the… Continue reading March and April 2022 Book Buys

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I need to continue some of these book series…

     So I was looking at my book shelves recently and considering what I wanted to read when I came to a realisation - I have started a lot of book series and I really need to start continuing them before I start any more because things are getting out of hand!    … Continue reading I need to continue some of these book series…

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Book Thoughts: We are the Dead by Mike Shackle

We are the Dead by Mike Shackle (The Last War Book #1) ★★★★ https://www.instagram.com/p/CLuxTEgJO7O/ The war is over. The enemy won. Now it's time to fight back. For generations, the people of Jia - a land where magic has long since faded from the world, clinging on in only a few rare individuals - have… Continue reading Book Thoughts: We are the Dead by Mike Shackle


February 2021 Catch Up

     Hello everyone, how are you doing? I hope you're well. It's time for a monthly wrap up post and I'm both not sure where the month went but also looking back and thinking that I did got a decent amount done in the month. How'd your February go?      I have a… Continue reading February 2021 Catch Up

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Tuesday Chats: 23/02/21

     Hello everyone, how are you? How's your day going?      Happily, my last week 7 days has gone a lot better than the week prior, mostly thanks to my ability to eat food again. Not that I couldn't eat food but yeah, the week of having a chipped tooth and not using… Continue reading Tuesday Chats: 23/02/21


February 2021 TBR

     So my January TBR wasn't exactly successful (read 2/5 books) but I'm back again this month with another TBR that to be honest, I know full well I won't complete but I'm making anyway. Really, I think this is a February and March TBR because while it would be nice to read all… Continue reading February 2021 TBR

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December 2020 – The Book Resort Box

     Been a bit of a stressful time lately as I try to hunt down all of my online shopping orders and hope things show up in time for me to wrap them before Christmas but something I can always rely on is my Book Resort box to show up on time and make… Continue reading December 2020 – The Book Resort Box