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Book Declutter – Unhauling so many books!

     Oh so many books I've unhauled! I know I did a book unhaul back in January but it seems a mid year declutter is essential for me too because I just have so many books and so little space to keep them all.      Generally when I finish a book I know… Continue reading Book Declutter – Unhauling so many books!

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The Book Resort – April 2022

     Hello lovely readers, how's it going? Read anything good recently?      A bit late in showing it as I got it about a week ago but look, I got my monthly Book Resort box! And a lovely looking box it is. It came with the book (obviously), a nice looking bar of… Continue reading The Book Resort – April 2022

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I need to continue some of these book series…

     So I was looking at my book shelves recently and considering what I wanted to read when I came to a realisation - I have started a lot of book series and I really need to start continuing them before I start any more because things are getting out of hand!    … Continue reading I need to continue some of these book series…

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Novel Ideas – Book Box – January 2022 Unboxing

     Hello again everyone, how's it going? Hope you're doing well.      Popping onto the blog this week to show what I picked up in my first Novel Ideas book subscription box of the year. Surprise - it was a book!      Okay, to be more specific, the book I got is… Continue reading Novel Ideas – Book Box – January 2022 Unboxing

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My 2021 Christmas Book Haul

     Hello everyone! How's it going? Long time chat? post? (side note - I was trying to think of how to start this post and all I could think about was the Japanese phrase 久し振り but could not remember the English saying! That ever happen to anyone where they suddenly forget the phrase… Continue reading My 2021 Christmas Book Haul

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New Bookshelves (September 2021)

     Hello lovely people, how's it going this fine...Thursday? Yes, Thursday (I have no idea what day it is these days) or whatever day it is for you when you're reading this. So sometime back over the summer (again, judgement of time is way off this year), I got some new bookshelves (see those… Continue reading New Bookshelves (September 2021)

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Tuesday Chats: 21/09/21 – I just want to watch sports anime and play Yakuza games

     Hello lovely peoples - welcome back to another Tuesday chats post - how's it going? As the title of this one suggests, I've not been doing a whole lot of reading so it's a good thing I named this blog Rambles by the Puddleside and not something with books in the title.   … Continue reading Tuesday Chats: 21/09/21 – I just want to watch sports anime and play Yakuza games

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The Bookworm’s BookTag!

     I was tagged by Kat from KBbookreviews (definitely check out her blog if you haven't already) to complete this book tag by answering some book related questions and here I am finally getting to answering them! A bit late but I had to give this a go because there were some fun questions… Continue reading The Bookworm’s BookTag!

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Bookshelf Tour – Tolkien Shelves

     Hello everyone, how's it going? Hope you're all doing well.      So last month I did a bookshelf tour of my new bookshelf and I showed you my Tolkien shelves saying I'd show them off in another post - well, I'm finally getting around to that post now!      So, these… Continue reading Bookshelf Tour – Tolkien Shelves


June 2021 Wrap Up

     Hello everyone, hope you're doing well today! A few days late but I finally got around to writing this June wrap up post! May wasn't a great reading month for me but I certainly made up for that last month with 9 books read! Well, one was a DNF but I read more… Continue reading June 2021 Wrap Up