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July 2022 Book Haul

     Right, so my attempt at limiting the new books I acquire in order to make a dent in reading the books I already own didn’t go so well last month when I may have bought a few books.

….and by a few I mean…

     ….Quite a few. All in one day.

     But it was a really fun shopping trip! Also, all those books were from two book shops. I had a third book shop visit planned but I had the sense to look how much I’d bought and thought the better of visiting another shop and spending even more money!

     So my first shop visit was to Vibes and Scribes bookshop and they have a great deal of 3 books for €12 so I picked up a few books there, 4 to be precise (my mum also got some books in that deal) and I felt I had to pick up the Handmade Life book because it was only €10! For such a giant book! (Yes, I’m that easily convinced). The Galatea short story was a last minute pick up because it’s adorable.

     And then I went to Dubray books and got four more books, but also the copy of Gallant I got was signed by the author so again, how could I not pick it up!

     It was definitely a fun shopping day. I know I haven’t gone into any detail on any of the books I got here but if you’ve read any of the books you can see in the photos I took, I’d love to know what you thought of them. Or if just any of them are on your tbr, I’d love to hear why. Have you bought any books recently or are you on a book buying ban of some sorts like I really should be? 

3 thoughts on “July 2022 Book Haul”

    1. I’d been interested in reading it for a while but for some reason I could never find it, only the other books in the trilogy, so when I saw it on my shopping trip I felt I had to pick it up! But I was told by people that it’s pretty heavy so I’m waiting to be in the right headspace to handle it (much like I’m waiting to be in the right headspace to read the rest of the Poppy War trilogy)

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