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Messy Bookshelf Tour 2023

     Hello my lovely readers, how’s it going?

     Thought I’d take a little break from the what have I been reading and what have I been buying type posts to take a quick look at what I actually own, and the current state of my bookshelves, because why not.

     Apologies in advance for these hastily taken and blurry photos.

     So first off, I’ve got four shelves of a billy bookcase dedicated to books and these ones don’t look too bad. I’ve got lots of my favourite books here and books I plan on re-reading or keeping around so I can lend to others. And I’ve got my Critical Role shelf, more decorative than functional but I like it that way. The mess starts to come in with the bottom of the shelves where I’m still working on what goes there. At the moment it’s got a lot of danmei novels there and what you can’t see are all the rest of the danmei novels I own behind what’s visible because I didn’t have space to put them all on show…also I just bought Our Violent Ends and dumped it there because I had no where else to put it.

     The main mess of my bookshelves comes with the kallax I have. Now on first inspection you might think it doesn’t look so bad – I’ve done the best I can to fit as many books on show.

     But on closer inspection, what’s that…

     Is that, is that a triple stack of books on a shelf! Well…yes, it is a dreaded triple stack. Do I know what books I have back there? Nope! Out of sight, I immediately forget what books I own! This is not an ideal situation. I would like to be able to see all the books I own but I just don’t have enough book shelf space, not helped by the fact that of the four cubes on the kallax shelf, I can only use 3 for books because one cube is taken up by a cardboard box that my cat likes to sleep in. Sometimes. Rarely. But if I get rid of it she’ll want it back and start pulling books off the shelf again…


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