A Welcome Back – January 2023 Reads

     Hey lovely readers, if you’re still around to read this. I know I’ve not been very active on this blog lately and I’ve been terrible at keeping up to date with other blogs but if you’re still around, do pop into the comments and say hi.

    How’s the year 2023 been treating you so far? I hope it’s not been too bad and you’ve managed to read at least one really good book so far (if that is the case, what was that very good book you read?).

    I guess I’ve had a very productive month of reading based on the quantity of books as I read 12 books in January. Admittedly, that sounds more impressive than it actually is because pretty much everything I read was a manga or graphic novel and if it wasn’t that it was a short story collection (like, all the Mighty Nein Origins stories are only 56 pages each so nice and quick reads). 

img_20230129_110415346     Still, I do want to read a few books this year that are just giant and intimidating (looking at you The Priory of the Orange Tree, The First Binding and The Eye of the World) which will probably take a while and slow down my reading later in the year so boosting my numbers now will help me reach my reading goal at least!

     So what have you been reading this month?


2 thoughts on “A Welcome Back – January 2023 Reads”

    1. I read about 150 pages of it back in November but took a break so I’m trying to motivate myself to pick it back up again. Which sounds like I didn’t like but I actually was enjoying it. Think it’s just one of those books I need to take my time with!

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