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Bookshelf Tour – Tolkien Shelves

     Hello everyone, how’s it going? Hope you’re all doing well.

     So last month I did a bookshelf tour of my new bookshelf and I showed you my Tolkien shelves saying I’d show them off in another post – well, I’m finally getting around to that post now!

     So, these shelves – a quick look at them tells you the theming going on here. If you didn’t know about me, I’m a huge Tolkien fan. My love of fantasy definitely stems from my love of The Lord of the Rings films which I saw when they came out (I want to say I was about 8…) which then led me to reading the books which led me to reading more and more fantasy. Fast forward to now, fantasy is my favourite book genre, I love fantasy films, anime and manga and most of the video games I play are fantasy. So yeah, The Lord of the Rings has had a big influence on my life I’d say and I like collecting, sort of, different copies of the books that I like.

     And also, my love for Lord of the Rings has definitely helped make gift buying for me easier for everyone because I think when people don’t know what to get me they just zone in on anything Tolkien related!

     But lets take a look at the shelves.

     Starting at the top shelf, here I have some map sets of Middle Earth that were for a roleplaying game I think but I just love maps and LotR so why not have maps of LorR locations – honestly, I’ve had these so long I have no idea how I even got these and I’ll never use them but I like having them. Then I have some random books about the art and worlds of Tolkien and a graphic novel versions of the Hobbit. There’s also lots of books about Tolkien’s writings written by David Day and a really nice set of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings books that my twin got me one Christmas which I have on this shelf because I thought they matched quite well with a lot of the David Day books that my sister got me. Last Christmas my twin got me this nice looking candle which is called Evenstar so that got added to the shelf for a bit more colour.

     Moving down a shelf, I have all my copies (bar the graphic novel edition and one that’s part of a set) of The Hobbit, including The History of the Hobbit, The Hobbit in Latin (can’t read), The Hobbit in Japanese (stopped studying that 6 years ago and am very rusty) and various other editions. They’re held in place by my Minas Tirith statue (it’s actually a small box in the base with the city as the lid) which came in the limited edition special extended version of the Return of the King DVD release. I know Minas Tirith has nothing to do with The Hobbit but the ornament fits well there.

     Below The Hobbit shelf, we have my multiple copies of The Lord of the Rings, featuring two copies of this one edition with an image of Gandalf on the cover (I don’t know why I have two copies but I do and I love that Gandalf image and refuse to get rid of one) and individual paperbacks that I bought sometime last year because I was feeling nostalgic and wanted copies of one of the editions I remembered reading as a child.

     Also there’s lots of greenery for aesthetic purposes. I can’t keep plants alive but I can buy fake ones.

     The bottom and final shelf is a bit of a miscellaneous shelf. Here I have a copy of The Silmarillion and some of the Histories of Middle Earth books held in place by the Gollum statue that came in the Two Towers limited edition extended DVD set…I never did get the Fellowship one of those I really wish I had…anywayway, there’s also a pretty map of Middle Earth my sister got me for Christmas last year, a Smaug head candle that will never get burned that my twin got me and a Hobbit postcard from New Zealand with a Hobbit stamp that one of my pen pals sent me which I put in a frame because why not.

     Also, more a crocheted plant because go fake plants.

     And those are my Tolkien shelves! You’ll hopefully also have spotted the box to the right in the first photo of the full bookcase which holds the movie DVDs of The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies, as well as the extra DVDs that came in the limited edition DVD sets.

    So as you can see, I really like collecting Tolkien related stuff. Do you collect anything from a book series or by an author? Surely I’m not the only one with shelves dedicated to one author/book series! 

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