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A collection of manga, comic and graphic novel reviews.

     As the title says – I have a collection of reviews (3 to be specific) for you today. I do enjoy reading manga, comics and graphic novels so I request arcs via NetGalley quite a bit. My reviews on these tend to be a bit on the shorter side so I thought I would gather a few of them into one post. Let me know if you’ve read any of these and what you thought of them, I love hearing your thoughts.

Weathering with You vol. 1 by Makoto Shinkai, Wataru Kubota (Illustrator)

Weathering With You, Vol. 1     In the end I came out with a more positive than negative experience reading Weathering With You, vol. 1 and I can see why people really like it but I don’t think it’s a series that I’ll continue reading.

     For clarity, I’m coming from the perspective of having not seen the movie that this manga is based on – the story was entirely new to me. I did enjoy it and thought there were some cute moments but it didn’t stick with me. Personally, I just didn’t connect with Hodaka as a character because I didn’t really understand his motivations and was somewhat confused by his decisions. I also had a lot of questions about Hina’s powers that didn’t get answers which distracted me from other elements of the story. I thought the art style was quite nice though.

Icarus (The Longest Fall, #1) by Gregory A. Wilson (Goodreads Author), Athila Fabbio (Illustrator)

Icarus (The Longest Fall, #1)     The synopsis of this graphic novel sounded intriguing to me but, unfortunately, it didn’t quite meet my expectations based on that. I liked the art well enough – I thought the backgrounds were great – but the story felt so rushed. There’s promise in it but there was little set up for events and no tension being built around the situations the characters got themselves into because before you knew it they’d just be moving onto something else. I felt like if it just slowed down, the story could have spent more time on making me care about the characters.

Dryad, Vol. 1 by Kurtis Wiebe, Justin Osterling (Illustrations)

Dryad, Vol. 1    On a bit of a fantasy kick, I was drawn to this comic because I thought the cover looked nice and the synopsis sounded interesting enough. I’m glad I picked it up because I had a good time reading this.

     The first thing to stand out about Dryad is just how beautiful the visuals are. It’s colourful but suitably so and most importantly, clear to follow. It was a pleasure to flip through the pages. As for the characters, it’s not often that I read something where I find all the characters interesting but that’s what I got with Dryad. I thought the generational balance was done really well – I’m intrigued by the children but to be honest, it was also just fun reading about bad-ass parents.

     I admit I wasn’t expecting the turn to sci-fi based on the synopsis. I actually liked the sci-fi/fantasy blend though I can see where it might put some people off if they weren’t expecting it and don’t like sci-fi and technology mixing with more typical fantasy elements and visuals.

     The volume ended on a good cliffhanger and I’m excited to find out what happens next to all the characters as well as get to know them all a little more now that a lot of set up has been done. It’s definitely a series I’d like to continue and would recommend.


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